Watt Avenue at US-50 Interchange Project

Traffic Increase Anticipated - Starting January 27, 2014

Sacramento, CA. Jan. 22, 2014 – The Sacramento County Department of Transportation (SACDOT) is alerting motorists that there will be increased traffic at the Watt Avenue @ US-50 interchange beginning on Monday, January 27.  It is anticipated that the volume of traffic using the interchange will increase as the new school year begins for California State University Sacramento. Motorists are advised to expect an increase in driving time through the interchange. In addition -- because the interchange area is an active construction zone -- motorists are advised to reduce speed and drive carefully through the construction area.

Project Construction Update

Since construction began in November 2012, much progress has been made on all phases of the interchange project.  The following provides an update on major project elements:

  • New Off-Ramps and Traffic Signals:  New freeway off-ramps have been constructed and new traffic signals at those off-ramps have been activated.
  • Improved Traffic Flow: In mid-December the changeover to the new off-ramps initially caused an increase in congestion. Since then some project elements have been advanced to improve the flow of traffic through the interchange.  These elements include: 1) Two new traffic lanes on northbound Watt Avenue; 2) One new lane on southbound Watt Avenue; 3) One new lane on the westbound off-ramp; 4) Retiming of the two new traffic signals; 4) The coordination of the two traffic signals; 5) Communications improvements to permit monitoring of traffic conditions and enable “real time” changes to signal operation to ease traffic congestion.
  • New Center Bridge Structure: A new center bridge structure is now complete, and provides additional pavement area for traffic lanes and a Bus-Rapid-Transit (BRT) lane.
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Pathway: Construction of a separated pathway for bicycles and pedestrians is underway. Two concrete undercrossings have been constructed, along with portions of the pathway.

Completed Project:  The completed project will provide: a reduction in overall delay through the interchange; much easier and safer access on and off the freeway for all motorists; dedicated transit facilities; and, improved access and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Anticipated Project Completion: It is anticipated that the project will be completed by mid- summer, 2014.

Patience is Appreciated:  The patience and cooperation of the traveling public is appreciated as work to construct the interchange project continues.

Please contact Dan Regan, Communications & Media Officer, at 916-874-7056 (office) or 916-591-0047 (Cell), or regand@saccounty.net if you have any additional questions.​