Calling for Environmental Recognition Award Nominations

Sacramento Environmental Commission

Contact: Jill Koehn
Phone: 916-875-8584

The Sacramento Environmental Commission (SEC) is now accepting nominations for its annual “Environmental Recognition Awards.” This award was created by the SEC to recognize the accomplishments and leadership of those who have acted to protect our environmental resources while enabling economic progress. Nominations are due by February 28, 2014.

Any program, individual or organization whose actions or programs positively impact the environment of Sacramento County is eligible to apply for this award for achievements that have been either undertaken or completed in 2013.


1. Voluntarily Exceeding Environmental Regulatory Requirements
2. Providing Leadership Toward the Protection and Enhancement of the Environment in Sacramento County
3. Achievement of a Successful Environmental Education/ Outreach Program

To nominate an Environmental Superstar for 2013, download the awards nomination form at

The Sacramento Environmental Commission (SEC) was created by the County Board of Supervisors and City Councils in 1988 with a broad charter to provide information, analysis and advice to the elected officials on environmental issues, and to provide assistance and advice to the Environmental Management Department on environmental programs. The appointed members come from diverse backgrounds, frequently representing environmental law, community advocacy, environmental regulation, industry, and land use planning among their areas of expertise and interest. 

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