Winter 2015 - Pothole Sweeps Week

​Preparing for Winter Weather & El Nino

Sacramento CA. November 16, 2015 – The Sacramento County Department of Transportation (SACDOT) will start its “Winter 2015 - Pothole Sweeps Week,” on Monday, November 16, 2015. This is an intensified effort to identify and repair potholes, and is part of continuous efforts to improve preventative maintenance activities for unincorporated area roadways. The current sweeps week effort will help prepare roadways for winter weather and for the anticipated El Nino.

Pothole sweeps weeks are performed twice each year: in late spring to repair potholes caused by inclement weather; and in early winter to ready road surfaces for the storm season. This County-wide effort will begin in the Arden Arcade community -- which is the center of our service area -- and will continue through the remainder of the unincorporated area. Residents are encouraged to contact Sacramento County concerning potholes on neighborhood streets. To report a pothole residents can call 311 (or 875-4311) or report online at

There are over 5,200 lane miles of paved roadways in the County’s unincorporated area and it’s inevitable that somewhere in this large infrastructure of streets there will be potholes. SACDOT’s policy is to: “Repair all potholes as soon as possible.” The Pothole Sweeps Week program enhances ongoing pavement maintenance activities, which include SACDOT crews who are sent into the field Monday through Friday each week to specifically repair potholes. Some facts about potholes in Sacramento County:

  • Potholes Reported To Customer Service Annually = 970.
  • Potholes Repaired Annually = 41,000.
  • Potholes Repaired Per Month = 3,400.
  • Annual Cost for Pothole Repair = $2.8 million.
  • Square feet of potholes repaired annually = 94,000.
  • Repair Cost Per Square Foot = $30.
  • Repair cost per pothole = $68.
  • Reported potholes are typically repaired within 72 hours.

Contact: Dan Regan
Phone: 916-874-7056