Sacramento County Joins Permit Simplicity Program

Sacramento, CA September 3, 2015 - Sacramento County announced today that it has joined the one-day permit program called “Permit Simplicity.” An Economic Growth Institute program, Permit Simplicity streamlines the permit process for tenant improvements to an existing building. Professional architects and engineers who submit plans for the program must be pre-qualified to participate. Sacramento County worked with the Region Builders organization to customize the program for projects in the County’s unincorporated areas. The County will honor the Permit Simplicity Program for tenant improvement projects that are 5,000 square feet or less.

“Our one-stop Building Assistance Centers already offer great service to our customers,” said Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy. “The addition of the Permit Simplicity Program shows our commitment to helping small businesses save time and money when they expand or remodel.”

To qualify for the Permit Simplicity program in Sacramento County, applicants must obtain sign-off or approval from all necessary departments and agencies prior to submittal to the Building Permits and Inspections Division. The concierge at the Building Assistance Center at 827 7th Street will direct Permit Simplicity applicants to the appropriate counter, where a plan reviewer will check and approve the project based on California Building Codes and issue the permit within one day. Projects that do not comply with the California Building Code will require additional review and a permit might not be issued the same day. For more information on Sacramento County’s process, contact Supervising Building Inspector Robert Logsdon.

“The ability to obtain a permit in one day is a powerful tool that positions Sacramento County as a great place for small businesses to locate and grow. We applaud Supervisor Kennedy for his leadership in streamlining the permitting process with this game-changing program,” said Josh Wood, CEO of Region Builders.

The Economic Growth Institute offers monthly Permit Simplicity certification courses for qualified professional architects or engineers who have been licensed for five years or more. The next certification course is on September 25, 2015 from 8 AM to 4 PM at Rancho Cordova City Hall.​