Sacramento County Allocates $30,000 to Sacramento SPCA

Sacramento, CA. February 10, 2015 — The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved today a $20,000 allocation to the Sacramento SPCA’s “We Pay to Spay” program, which offers free spaying and neutering to pit bulls and pit bull mixes, and $10,000 to enhance the SPCA’s services in the Galt, Herald and Franklin areas.

Recent budget challenges have loomed large for the 14-year-old SPCA program, and the SPCA announced in January that the program might be discontinued without outside financial support.

“The ‘We Pay to Spay’ program is an important part of the collective efforts of municipal and non-profit organizations to decrease the number of unwanted litters and dogs from being abandoned at area shelters,” said Phil Serna, Chairman of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. “We are pleased to assist in providing services to protect the health and welfare of animals in Sacramento area communities.”

Pit bulls make up a large percentage of the Sacramento County Bradshaw Shelter’s annual intake, and most are not redeemed by their owners. For this reason, the County’s Department of Animal Care and Regulation allocated financial resources to the “We Pay to Spay” program.

“Sacramento County’s allocation of $20,000 to the SPCA’s successful spay and neuter program is another way we can continue to work together to reduce the number of unwanted animals filling shelters in the Sacramento region,” said Supervisor Susan Peters, District 3.

“By working with the SPCA and supporting its ‘We Pay to Spay’ program, we are helping reduce the numbers of unwanted/unaltered animals coming into the shelter system each year,” said Supervisor Don Nottoli, District 5, “as well as improving the quality of life for animals and people throughout Sacramento County.”

"The Board of Supervisors, by approving financial support for the Pay to Spay program for pit bulls, is saving hundreds of animal lives. It is wonderful to work in concert with Sacramento County," said Rick Johnson, CEO of the Sacramento SPCA.

The program, according to the SPCA, costs $60,000 annually to run and has spayed and neutered more than 11,000 pit bulls.

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