Sacramento County Recruiting for Inspector General

Sacramento, CA. March 24, 2015 -- The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors announces a new recruitment for the Office of Inspector General. The position provides monitoring and oversight to the overall quality of law enforcement within the County, oversees investigations of citizen complaints against the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, advises County leadership to encourage best practices, and ensures objectivity and fairness of investigations and acts as liaison to the general public regarding complaints and investigations.

“The Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff, and the executive leadership of Sacramento County are committed to the sustainability of this vital public safety function,” said Phil Serna, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “It is absolutely necessary, but recently the County has struggled to find the right fit for the position; we’re reaching out again to all qualified individuals who can help us establish a strong, transparent and independent oversight function.”

The Office of the Inspector General is a contract position and will not be an employee or have a direct relationship with the Sheriff or be subject to the direction and control of the Sheriff’s Department. The position will work closely with the Sheriff’s Department but will be housed in a separate and distinct office space and remain independent.

“We look forward to bringing on a qualified candidate to help us continue to bring oversight and accountability to the work we do,” said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. “The Office of Inspector General can provide transparency and help maintain trust between our office and the public we serve and to that end, we look forward to the additional insight that position can provide.”

Information about the position can be found at:

  Resumes and applications are due no later than 5 p.m. on April 27, 2015. 

 Contact: Chris Andis, 916-874-2691, for additional information.

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