Full Closure & Traffic Restrictions - Florin Road Closure

Sacramento, CA September 10, 2015

Full Closure & Traffic Restrictions
Florin Road at the Union Pacific Railroad Crossing
-Between Power Inn Road and French Road-
From 7 A.M. on September 15 (Tuesday) to 4 P.M. on September 25 (Friday)

When/Where: From 7 A.M. on September 15 (Tuesday) to 4 P.M. on September 25 (Friday), Florin Road will be closed to through traffic between Power Inn Road and French Road.  Information about the closure is as follows:

  • The closure will impact all westbound and eastbound through traffic on Florin Road including vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.
  • The full closure of Florin Road will only occur at the Union Pacific railroad crossing between Frasinetti Road and McComber Street. All local businesses will remain open and access for all property owners and residents will be maintained via detours (see map on back).

Increased Travel Time & Detours:  Through traffic is advised to avoid this area during the closure period as there will be significant impacts to all roadway users.  Roadway users are advised to use alternative routes until project work is completed.  Detour signs and electronic message boards will be in place to alert motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists about the temporary road closure.
Construction Activities: The full closure is needed as part of the Old Florin Town Streetscape Improvement Project.  As part of project work, it is necessary for Union Pacific Railroad to widen and replace their track crossing on Florin Road.  
Closure Period:  Sacramento County understands the challenges and inconvenience that commuters, residents, businesses, bicyclists and pedestrians will experience during the closure period and ask for the public’s patience and cooperation as we work to complete this project.

Contact: Dan Regan
Email: Regand@saccounty.net
Phone: 916-874-7056