Make Sure Your Easter Egg Hunt is Fun and Safe – Egg Prep

Sacramento, CA, March 21, 2016 – What would Easter be without decorating, hiding, hunting and eating Easter eggs! Just a reminder, all this handling provides opportunities for foodborne illness.

The Sacramento County Environmental Management Department recommends a few egg safety tips to help keep you and your family healthy.

  • Always buy eggs from a refrigerated case. Choose eggs with clean, un-cracked shells.
  • Buy eggs before the "Sell-By" or "EXP" (expiration) date on the carton.
  • Take eggs straight home from the grocery store and refrigerate them right away.
  • Check to be sure your refrigerator is set at 41°F or below. Don't take eggs out of the carton to put them in the refrigerator -- the carton protects them. Keep the eggs in the coldest part of the refrigerator — not on the door.
  • Raw shell eggs in the carton can stay in your refrigerator for three to five weeks from the purchase date. Although the "Sell-By" date might pass during that time, the eggs are still safe to use (the date is not required by federal law, but some states may require it).
  • Always wash your hands with warm water and soap before and after handling raw eggs. To avoid cross-contamination, you should also wash forks, knives, spoons and all counters and other surfaces that touch the eggs with hot water and soap.
  • Don't keep raw or cooked eggs out of the refrigerator more than two hours.
  • Egg dishes such as deviled eggs or egg salad should be used within 3 to 4 days.

For more information on egg preparation safety tips, visit the following websites:

Visit the Environmental Management Department website, or call, 916-875-8440.

Media Contact: Brenda Bongiorno, Communication and Media, 916-874-7798