Temporary Easter Sunday Fee Increase in County Regional Parks

Funds will help off-set costs for increase in holiday patrol and maintenance

Sacramento, CA. April 16, 2014 – With temperatures forecast in the 80’s, Sacramento County Regional Parks will be a popular destination for picnickers, cyclists, walkers, runners, and sportsman this coming Easter Sunday.  The increase in visitors creates a spike in maintenance and patrol costs for the Park system. Regional Parks Director, Jeff Leatherman, has announced a temporary increase in vehicle parking fees at all regional parks on Easter Sunday, April 20. Vehicle parking fees will increase to $8 and vehicles with trailers or oversized vehicles will increase to $13. This fee increase will not affect annual parks pass holders. Park users who regularly enjoy County Parks are encouraged to purchase the Annual Pass to save money on park entry fees and show their support for keeping our park system safe and clean. 

​Vehicle fee ​$8
​Vehicle + trailer or oversized vehicle, over 22 feet.
(this includes boat launches)

Park visitors are reminded that all children under 13 years of age must wear a life jacket when accessing any public water within the County (Sacramento County Ordinance 13.08.301). All persons who plan to be near or in local rivers and streams need to be cautious because river and stream temperatures are cold and the water level is lower than usual which exposes more snags and underwater hazards such as logs and branches.  

For complete rules and information, visit www.sacparks.net. To report any accidents, law enforcement issues, vandalism, wildlife issues or other safety concerns, contact the Park Rangers at 916-875-PARK (7275).

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