County Leaders Express Concern Over Direction of Governor's New Tunnel Proposal

SACRAMENTO, CA. May 1, 2015  — In response to the Brown Administration’s release of its newly revamped twin tunnels plan, Sacramento County Supervisors Don Nottoli and Patrick Kennedy today expressed concern over the Governor’s latest version of his plan to build 40 mile-long twin tunnels to divert water from the Delta while mostly abandoning the critical restoration efforts to balance those diversions.

“For seven years the process has hinged on a balanced approach with co-equal goals of water supply reliability and Delta restoration,” said Supervisor Nottoli. “Without that balance the Delta’s economy and environmental sustainability are at great risk.”

“It’s hard to see this new plan as progress,” said Supervisor Kennedy. “The tunnels remain intact while environmental and economic safeguards for the Delta are made weaker.”

“There is much to discuss moving forward and Delta leaders hope that we’ll see a more open and transparent process that includes all viewpoints, not just from those seeking more Delta water,” continued Supervisor Kennedy.

Sacramento County has been engaged in the state’s process regarding the Delta for the past seven years.  The county has advocated for protecting the interests of the Delta and California’s water supply and produced a set of approaches that will achieve balance for the economic and environmental health of the Delta while also improving water supply stability. Those solutions include:

  • Improving the ability to move water around as needed with cost-effective water system operation improvements.
  • Increasing storage capacity.
  • Reinforcing our levee system.
  • Increasing opportunities for local storage, increased conservation plans, water reuse and recycling and desalination.
  • Restoring the Delta’s health so that it can continue its role as an economic, agricultural, recreational and environmental engine for the region and state.

Supervisor Nottoli represents the Fifth District, which includes Delta communities and most of south Sacramento County and Supervisor Kennedy represents the 2nd District.

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