American River Parkway

Alcohol Restriction July 11, 2015

Sacramento, CA, July 8, 2015 – The Director of Regional Parks has issued an alcohol restriction for the American River Parkway from Hazel Avenue to Watt Avenue for July 11, 2015.  The alcohol restriction is in preparation for Rafting Gone Wild, a non-permitted event. 

In 2012, the Rafting Gone Wild event resulted in multiple arrests, destruction of public and private property, and presented a significant threat to the safety of the public and our community.  Based on information obtained from multiple sources, the Department of Regional Parks anticipates similar unsafe circumstances during this year’s event.

As a result of the potential risks to the community including park visitors, rescue personnel and law enforcement, the Director of Regional Parks has issued an alcohol restriction for July 11, 2015. 

County Park Rangers, Rancho Cordova Police Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff Department will be stationed at all park locations along the American River Parkway to enforce the alcohol restriction.   Violations of the alcohol restriction will be strictly enforced.    


Date: July 11, 2015
Location: American River Parkway (Hazel Avenue to Watt Avenue)
What: Alcohol Restriction

For additional information please contact Chief Ranger Doane 916-875-7275

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