Hazel Avenue Widening Project Curragh Downs Drive to Sunset Avenue Phase 2 Construction Startup

Groundbreaking Event: March 1, 10 a.m.

Sacramento CA. February 29, 2016 – The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and the Sacramento County Department of Transportation are hosting a groundbreaking event to celebrate construction startup for Phase 2 of the Hazel Avenue Widening Project (Curragh Down Drive to Sunset Avenue).  This current project is part of a comprehensive three phase effort to improve Hazel Avenue from US-50 to Madison Avenue. The overall purpose of Hazel Avenue improvements is to reduce congestion and increase safety and mobility for all modes of transportation in this corridor. A Phase 1 project was completed in September 2011.  Information about the Phase 2 groundbreaking event is as follows:

Date/Time Tuesday, March 1 at 10 a.m.
Location Hazel Avenue at Lake Nimbus Drive
Speakers  Supervisor Susan Peters (District 3)
                   Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan (District 4)
                   Renee Taylor – SMUD Board of Directors (Ward 1)
                   Mike Penrose, Director - Department of Transportation

The Phase 2 project includes: 

  • Widening Hazel Avenue from four to six lanes within the project limits.
  • Constructing bicycle lanes, landscaped medians, and separated sidewalks with landscaping along Hazel Avenue from Curragh Downs Drive to just north of Sunset Avenue.
  • Modifying existing traffic signals at the following intersections:
      -Hazel Avenue @ Curragh Downs Drive
      -Hazel Avenue @ Winding Way
      -Hazel Avenue @La Serena Drive
      -Hazel Avenue @ Sunset Avenue
  • Installing new traffic signal interconnect to ease traffic congestion.
  • Replacing overhead utilities with underground facilities on Hazel Avenue within project limits (69kV lines will remain overhead).
  • Replacing Fair Oaks Water District’s aging and undersized existing water main with a new 12” pipeline.
  • Constructing sound walls to minimize noise impacts from Hazel Avenue on residential neighborhoods.
  • Planting over 270 new trees to beautify the corridor.

Bay Cities Paving and Grading Inc., is the contractor for the $19.5 million Phase 2 project. The project is funded with revenue from Federal Transportation funds, the Measure A Sales Tax, and Development Fees. SMUD is a significant partner for the utility undergrounding component of the project. In addition, the Fair Oaks Water District is partnering on replacement of the 12” water main along Hazel Avenue.  

Visual to Support Story:  Elected officials, community representatives and County staff will use golden shovels to ceremonially break ground for the project.

Contact: Dan Regan
Email: Regand@saccounty.net
Phone: 916-874-7056